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When you find out that you are pregnant (or even before) you start to think about all the items you will need. When making a registry I wish I had someone to tell me what to and what not to register for when it came to every day things. Below is a list of things I think are must haves on your baby registry. I will add items as I think of them and please feel free to comment ideas for other mommies.

  1. Diapers

Whoever organizes your registry have them put on your invite “Please bring a pack of diapers (any size).” You go through A LOT of diapers and they are super expensive.

Side Note: As a newborn I really liked how Pampers fit. Charlotte was 6lbs 11oz and her little butt fit perfectly in Pampers. However, I am favoring Huggies now that she is a little bigger. The newborn waistband stretches better around her belly.


2. Wipes

Same advice as above. A pee-pee diaper = 1 wipe but a poopy diaper = 3+ wipes. Charlotte eats 6-7 times a day and poops every time after feeding, that is a lot of wipes.


3. Swaddle Blankets

Before I had Charlotte I was completely against swaddling due to the risk of suffocation. While in hospital she was swaddled by the nurses and it made a huge difference in the amount she slept. I only use muslin swaddles as they are extremely breathable but extremely expensive. Get someone else to buy them for you. My swaddle skills were awful at first but now with a little practice, I am a swaddle boss!


4. Pajamas

If someone MUST buy your baby clothes request long sleeve, long bottom onesies for sleeping. I get it cute baby equals cute clothes, but as a new mom I wish people would have been a tad more practical. Instead of buying 10 cute outfits buy something from the registry or diapers. The long sleeve onesies do come in handy though.

5. Bottles and bottle warmer

Once Charlotte learned to latch on well to the breast, I started to introduce the bottle to give my poor nipples a break and let daddy have some bonding time. We use Dr Brown’s and love them. Even though my pump is Medela, the Dr Brown’s bottles fit the thread on the pump. The bottle warmer makes warming to the perfect temperature per ounce easy.



6. Burp cloths

Along with feeding comes burping. Whether you breast feed (breast or bottle) or formula feed you will experience some amount of spit up. Have a burp cloth or two everywhere you plan on feeding or holding baby after they feed. Be prepared!!!


7. Jungle Gym

Charlotte has been active since day one and she gets bored just laying on the floor for tummy time. She loves to kick her feet and grab at things with her hands in her jungle gym. It also helps if she is having a hard time pooping or is gassy. It seems to take her mind off straining but has her moving around which helps to work things out.


8. Pacifiers (aka. Dummy)

I was 100%, put one of those in her mouth and you will die, against pacifiers.

Backstory: My first night in the hospital was one of the hardest night’s of my life. I had just been in labor for twenty-nine hours, pushed a baby out of “you know where” and hadn’t slept in 40+ hours. I was an anxious new mom who woke to every sound Charlotte made and was breast feeding every two hours. When I was able to catch some Z’s it was short lived due to the nurses coming in and out of my room every two minutes to check up on me or her. A nurse finally came in at 4 am and asked if I would like her to take Charlotte to the nursery. “Take my baby?” Absolutely not! I settled for a pacifier.

Pacifiers are the best and worst thing you can introduce to a baby. Here’s why: When you are awake and don’t really mind replacing the pacifier for the hundredth time, pacifiers are the best. When you are trying to sleep and every time the pacifier falls out the baby cries, pacifiers are the worst. Here is my solution: During the day let the baby have the pacifier. When the baby is winding down at night let the baby have the pacifier to soothe them-self to sleep. Once it falls out and they are deeply asleep, leave it out and DO NOT replace at night. If they wake for a feeding, soothe the somewhat sleepy baby some other way, but no pacifier. Charlotte will fall asleep on my bed or if she is rocked in the rocking chair. Once fully asleep I transfer her to her Halo bassinet.


9. Boppy Pillow

The Boppy Pillow has a few uses. I first used the pillow for support while breast feeding. When you begin breast feeding there are a few things you have to juggle (position, posture, latch, etc.), The Boppy helped me to support the baby while I figured out the rest. Now that Charlotte is almost 2 months old, I have integrated the pillow into tummy time. I use it to support her chest while on her tummy and also for propping while assisting her while sitting.


Now obviously you will need some larger items like a crib, changing table, pack and play (if you travel), stroller, car seat, etc. but when registering for the little things think practical over cute. You will have plenty of time to online shop for cute outfits and other bells and whistles when you are on maternity leave.

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Leanne is a first time mom to Charlotte and figuring things out as she grows. She has temporarily put her career as a teacher on hold to be a stay at home mom. Follow her for entertaining blog posts on the good, bad and ugly truths of being a mom. She covers topics from pregnancy to having that sweet little baby in your arms.

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About Joysofbeingamom

Leanne is a first time mom to Charlotte and figuring things out as she grows. She has temporarily put her career as a teacher on hold to be a stay at home mom. Follow her for entertaining blog posts on the good, bad and ugly truths of being a mom. She covers topics from pregnancy to having that sweet little baby in your arms.

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5 thoughts on “Registry Must Haves

  • Michelle

    Great post! I totally agree that all those cute baby clothes are usually not very practical. Since I’m a SAH mama my baby is in comfy onesies or pjs all day every day! Along with diapers and wipes I’d add a good diaper cream. Both my girls ended up with diaper rash soon after they were born. Newborns poop so much! Definitely a must have for us!

    • Post author

      Thanks for the comment. I have been lucky so far with the diaper rash. Do you recommend a specific brand? Incase my LO flares up.