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So we just got home from our first road trip with Charlotte. We traveled from Florida to Maryland for a good friends wedding. Charlotte is currently 9 weeks old, so we were nervous to see how she would travel. Long story short, she was an angel. Below are some tips to surviving a road trip with a baby.

  1. Plan to bring a babysitter along
    1. In order for me to attend the wedding, I had to find someone to watch Charlotte at the hotel the night of the wedding. Luckily, I have a built in babysitter (my younger sister). Not only was it nice having an extra pair of hands to help for the night of the wedding, she was also really convenient to have around while accommodating a baby in the car and at all the new places we visited. It made the stops along the way shorter too. I fed her while my husband and sister used the restroom or got food. Then, I went to get food or use the restroom while one of them changed and burped Charlotte. We used the seat in the van as a changing station, I don’t like using the ones in public restrooms. It was also nice to have some company in the back of the van to chat with.
  2. Pack for all types of weather
    1. Since our trip was in October, the weather was warm during the day and chilly at night. As a Florida baby, she had not experienced any cold weather, just air-conditioning. I packed onesies and layered them with leggings and a jacket. Since she was in the stroller for a majority of the time when we were out and about, I brought two blankets to cover her with, one light and one heavy. I switched them as the weather changed.
  3. Breastfeeding mommies – bring a manual pump
    1. When we arrived at our first stop in Georgia, I discovered that I had left half of my electric pump at home. I left the “funnels” that attach to your boobs and the filter attachment in the drying pan. Bryan said we could use the vacuum in the van but I was not a fan of the idea :-/. Luckily, I had bought a manual pump as part of the hurricane kit I had put together a few weeks earlier. Even if you have an electric pump, I would advise buying a manual pump as it’s great to have to pump while in the car. You can save the pumped milk or feed the expressed milk to the baby in a bottle at the perfect temperature all while en route. If you are formula feeding or need to warm a bottle, don’t forget your bottle warmer.
    2. Don’t forget to bring burp cloths and lots of them. Unless you have a washer and dryer in your car, you will need more burpcloths and wash cloths than expected.
  4. Pack and Play
    1. We use the pack and play at home as a place to put Charlotte out of the way of the dogs. She was already accustomed to laying in it before using it on the trip. She slept as well in the pack and play in a hotel as she does at home in her Halo cradle. Once you understand how the pack and play assembles and disassembles, it is super easy to use and transport.
  5. Ipad or cell phone (don’t forget your charger)
    1. There were only a handful of times that Charlotte got a little fussy in the car. Most of those times, we were pushing her feeding time. My phone came in handy to take her mind off of things while we found a good place to stop. I played her the videos from Hey Bear on Youtube. She was instantly consoled. I also took tons of pictures of Charlotte on our trip which killed my battery, so don’t forget your charger.
  6. Garbage Bags
    1. Living out of a suitcase is tough enough as a grown up but when your a mini human who poops sideways on her clothes, you don’t want it put back into the suitcase. Garbage bags come in handy for dirty clothes. Also keep one for dirty diapers between stops.
  7. First Aid
    1. I have a mini first aid kit in my diaper bag which contains: band-aids, antibiotic ointment, children’s Tylenol and a thermometer.
  8.  Changing time
    1. Have a few stashes of diapers and wipes. A few in the car where the baby is seated, one in the stroller and keep your diaper bag stocked for when you are away from the car. I used the seat of the car to change Charlotte. I put a pad down so any mess would not make it on the seat. Disposable changing pads are a great option too.
  9. Pacifiers
    1. One thing that I forgot was an extra pacifier. They whole trip we were worried that we would loose her only pacifier and have no quick way to console her. Luckily we didn’t loose it but my advice would be to bring a few.
  10. Snacks and a cooler
    1. As a breast feeding mommy, I need an extra snack between meals, I get hangry!. I packed some individually packed snacks so I would not just snack out of boredom and stuff my face. The cooler was stocked with water, Gatorade and lots of ice. I was able to put frozen breast milk in the cooler and keep it cold for my sister to give when we arrived.
  11. Bathtime
    1. I use the Angelcare Baby Bath Support during bathtime. It makes bathtime easy as it keeps the LO still while her legs are free to kick and splash. I brought it along on the trip as it is light and easy to transport.



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Leanne is a first time mom to Charlotte and figuring things out as she grows. She has temporarily put her career as a teacher on hold to be a stay at home mom. Follow her for entertaining blog posts on the good, bad and ugly truths of being a mom. She covers topics from pregnancy to having that sweet little baby in your arms.

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About Joysofbeingamom

Leanne is a first time mom to Charlotte and figuring things out as she grows. She has temporarily put her career as a teacher on hold to be a stay at home mom. Follow her for entertaining blog posts on the good, bad and ugly truths of being a mom. She covers topics from pregnancy to having that sweet little baby in your arms.

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4 thoughts on “How to Survive a Road Trip with a Baby

  • Annette

    As the “built in babysitter” I must say that Charlotte is possibly the best behaved baby I have ever handled! For a trip that took us about a day and a half each way we didn’t have any fuss.

  • Sue Ellen Jacob

    I loved reading about your trip. You had me laughing out loud, when you wrote about Brian saying you could use the car’s vacuum to extract your breast milk. It was great to see that your precious sister got to go with you. What a wonderful blessing. I am glad that you are back home safe and sound. Love you ♡

  • Meghan

    Great read!!! Even greater pictures!!

    We did a multiple state road trip with our baby when he was 5 months old and for us what we learned was it was essential to do laundry on the trip. In fact, we went through so many clothes we ended up doing it twice. We hopped hotels and used the cribs/ pack and plays provided by the hotel and that saved us so much trunk space. One thing I would also add, is for an older baby to bring lots of toys and books. We brought 20-30 library books in the backseat and a basket of toys (15-20 different ) We found out the hard way that if you feed baby 8oz and don’t take her out to burp right away- you will have an Occurrence of projectile vomiting :-0
    Instead of garbage bags- we just bring doggie poop bags and use those if needed!

    Ohhhh and also- I highly recommend lots and lots of tipping!! Have cash on hand to tip the valet driver or the bell man for loading your entire trunk on a cart and bringing to your room. Tip the housekeepers for cleaning your room!!! There was an instance when baby was playing on the bed with daddy and had a blowout. We called housekeeping for a change of sheets mid day and we tipped them $10. They came right away and replace the entire bedding! It definitely helps to have the extra help and don’t be afraid to thank those who go out of their way for you with baby and dog!!!