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Need a little help deciding what to get your loved ones this year? Well, look no further, I have done the searching for you. Check out my 2016 Gift Guide, which has been broken down by interest. You’re welcome.

Oh and by the way: If you purchase anything from Amazon from this blog post it helps a girl out for advertising, cha-ching. So please use the links (teal headings) on this page to order. Thanks so much.


The Photographer

Smartphone Instant Photo Lab 


So remember when we used those awesome Polaroid cameras and instantly had a photo to look at? Lets bring that awesomeness back. This Instant Lab uses your modern phone and app (iOS and Android-compatible) and instantly prints your photos.

Vintage Camera Pillows


Appeal to the photographers heart and decorate for them too with these adorable camera pillows. For more options click here or here.


The DJ

Pocket DJ Mixer 


So you have that friend that always takes over the music wherever you go. Want to turn that obnoxious behavior up at notch? This pocket size mixer turns their smartphone into a party-making machine.

Design Your Own Headphones


Most DJ’s are the outgoing type and like to stand out. What better gift than the chance to design your own headphones,


The Animal Lover

Laser Cut Pet Ornament 

Personalized laser cute pet ornament. What animal lover wouldn’t want one?


Custom Painted Pet Ornament 

Send a photo of your fur-baby and it will be custom painted onto an ornament for you to use for years to come. Perfect gift idea and a great way to remember those pets in the past.

ornaments cat

Cat Necklace


So simple but yet so cute. Get this affordable gift for that feline fanatic on your list.

 Cat Tumblers


The perfect gift for the kitty lover. These tumblers are so cute, they double as a work of art.

Bad Dog Mugs


Everyone has a bad dog like me right? Okay, maybe not as naughty as my boy Diesel but aren’t these mugs adorbs.

Dog Blueprint


If you are as crazy about your dog as I am mine, this is so awesome. The blueprint shows the “design specs” of your dog’s breed.

Dog Lawn Stake 


Show your dedication to your dog’s breed by displaying a lawn ornament of them in the yard. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I would love two Vizsla’s for my front yard! (hint hint). Here are all the breeds available.


The Game Player

Mini Beer Pong Travel Set


Awesome addition to the tailgate party.

Mini Flip Cup Game 


For the newer generation of tailgaters, add this to your next party.

Brew Ha Ha Game (Also for a Beero)


As a beero and game player, I am constantly re-naming beers and talking about what I would name my own beer. This game appeals to the beer lover and creative game player in a hilarious way.


The Foodie

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit 


So everyone has that relative or friend that adds salt to their food before even tasting it. So annoying right? Well I have a friend (you know who you are) that adds the whole damn spice rack to their food before tasting it. Well, this gift is for you my friend. Now you can insult kitchens wherever you go, Sorry not sorry.

Soup and Sandwich Tray


One of my all time favorite comfort foods is a grilled cheese and tomato bisque. Something about dipping that gooey sandwich into the scrumptious bowl of soup brings me back to my childhood.

Foodie Dice


Ever wonder what to make for dinner? Well wonder no more. This foodie gift has the name right on it, these dice help you choose what to make for dinner.

Foodie Garden 


Every foodie knows the power of a good tomato. This DIY tomato garden is full of the yummy heirloom tomatoes that bring your dish to the next level.

Grow Pizza 


Okay technically you wont have actual pizzas growing in your garden. (that would be amazing!). What you will have to your disposal are the yummy herbs that make pizza sooooo delicious.

Winos & Beeros

Beer Opening Glass


So you have heard of a Wino, well I have more Beeros in my life. This gift is affordable and functional for that beer lover on your list.

Beer Towel 


Just in case your Beero friend needs a refresher on anything beer related, this towel is full over useful information.

Beeropoly (also for your Game Player)


Is your beer advocate friend up for a challenge?The Beeropoly game is full of beer challenges. Great for parties or small get togethers.

Football Playbook Pint Glasses


What two (Okay 3 – Check this out) things go hand in hand? Beer & Football (and pizza). Hit two birds with one stone for your Beero Football fan with these playbook pint glasses.

Musical Wine Glasses 


Ever played a tune on the rim of your wine glass? These wine glasses take that skill up a notch with a full scale built in. So moisten your finger and play your little heart out.

Make Your Own Wine Kit 


Now you can make your own wine and drink it too. How cool would it be to serve YOUR wine at a party, the ultimate winos dream.

Wino Saur Tank


What do you call a dinosaur who likes wine?………..A Wino Saur! Buy this tee, enough said. 


The Smart Ass Smarty Pants

Big Personality Desk Sign


Let people know who’s boss with these cheeky desk signs.

Equation Clock or Watch

clock watch

For the person on your list who’s mind is always ticking. This equation clock or watch should keep them busy.

 USB Cuff-links


For the well dressed smarty pants, these USB cuff-links are functional and stylish.


The Fitness Fanatic

LED Smart Jump Rope 


Skip non-stop with this cleverly designed Smart Rope, which not only monitors your fitness data, but also flashes it in midair with 23 embedded LED lights. Neato!

Phone Storage Workout Bottle


We have all been there, juggling a water bottle, headphones, credit cards and your phone all while trying to work out. Look no further this water bottle hold on to everything for you. Everything is held between two water compartments in an eye-catching design.


The forgetful friend (or in my case, sister)

Solar Powered Charger & Light


Now no matter where your forgetful friend is, there is no excuse for the “my phone died” excuse. This neat gadget gives a full charge in just two hours, so tweet, text and call away!

Bluetooth Tracking Tag


I literally want to put one of these on everything my sister owns. You can put one on anything, including you car. So when your forgetful friend comes out of the store, they will no longer wonder up and down isles. Their car will be pin pointed on a map! Oh and they will instantly know where their keys are because you can attach one to them too.


The Sports Fanatic

Hockey Stick BBQ Set 


Now hopefully their burgers don’t come off the grill looking like hockey pucks, but these BBQ tools are great for the hockey lover. (Available in multiple teams)

Playful Mugs


As a kid, my mom always taught me not to play with my food.  Well, good thing i’m not a kid anymore. These Mugs are created by a kid named Max and they are super fun. Available in multiple sports.

Ticket Stub Diary 


Keep the momentous of your precious memories from concerts, sporting events, museums, movies, Broadway shows, and more.

Home Plate Mat


The perfect gift for the baseball player or fan, bring home plate home.


The friend with OCD

Tube Wringer


This cool gadget squeezes every last drop from the toothpaste tube.

Eye Glass Holder


Everything must be in its place, including your glasses.


The Gardener

Water Garden


This gift double up as a herb garden and self-cleaning fish tank. (Also an idea for your animal lovin’ friend)

 For the friend who wants to be good at gardening but kills everything (cough…me). Succulents are on the more durable side.

Sunflower in a Bag Grow Kit


My mother-in-laws favorite flowers in her own back yard. Sounds like a great gift to me! Check out this DIY sunflower garden.

Cocktail Grow Kit


No, margaritas and martinis will not pop up out of your garden. A girl can only dream right? But, the fixins for them can.  Six seed packets are included: thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint, lemon balm, and blue borage.


Thanks all folks! I hope I found something for everyone on your list. If not, post your thoughts/ideas in the comment box below. Don’t forget to vote for me for Top Mommy Blogs, it takes one click.

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Leanne is a first time mom to Charlotte and figuring things out as she grows. She has temporarily put her career as a teacher on hold to be a stay at home mom. Follow her for entertaining blog posts on the good, bad and ugly truths of being a mom. She covers topics from pregnancy to having that sweet little baby in your arms.

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