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Want to post as a guest on my blog? Here are some guidelines on what I am looking for:

  • Post length: Most accepted posts are between 850-1000 words. Don’t make post too long as you will loose the reader, keep thing light and to the  point.
  • Image requirements: Provide me with at least one good image to use as the featured image. Images must relate to the content submitted.
  • Citing sources: Cite your sources, no plagiarizing. Use citation machine to help.
  • Guidelines on links: You may link to sites that relate to the content directly, no “spammy” sites.
  • Metadata markup: I will format your post and add headings, images and links where I see appropriate. The style of the piece will match my blog style.
  • Unique requirements: Please provide a short bio on yourself to add to the end of the post.

I have the right to remove any posts that bring negative or spammy traffic to my blog.


Email me at and submit your article. I will get back to you in a few days.

xo, Leanne

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